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 Soul Drain - Passive

Requirements: Increase SP Recovery , Soul Strike
Soul Drain
Max Level: 10
Type: Passive
Effect: Every time you kill an enemy using spells, you will receive a certain amount of SP back, depending on the monster level.
The formula is MonsterLV x Drain. The Drain amount is (95+15*SkillLV)% (e.g. killing a LV 20 Enemy with a LV 5 Soul Drain will give you 34 SP). This skill also increases your Maximum SP by 2% per SkillLV.
The SP drain only works for targeted spells, not area spells.
[LV 1] Maximum SP +2%, SP Drain 110%
[LV 2] Maximum SP +4%, SP Drain 125%
[LV 3] Maximum SP +6%, SP Drain 140%
[LV 4] Maximum SP +8%, SP Drain 155%
[LV 5] Maximum SP +10%, SP Drain 170%
[LV 6] Maximum SP +12%, SP Drain 185%
[LV 7] Maximum SP +14%, SP Drain 200%
[LV 8] Maximum SP +16%, SP Drain 215%
[LV 9] Maximum SP +18%, SP Drain 230%
[LV 10] Maximum SP +20%, SP Drain 245%


 Stave Crasher - Active

Requirements: Increase SP Recovery
Magic Crasher
Max Level: 1
Type: Offensive
SP Cost: 8
Target: Enemy
Range: 9 cells (unconfirmed)
Cast Time: 0.3 sec
Cool Down: 0.3 sec
Duration: Instant
Effect: You do an attack that calculates damage using your MATK instead of ATK but is decreased using enemy's DEF, not MDEF.
This skills overall damage is affected by cards you have in your weapon, weapon element, size and element of the target and it might miss depending on your DEX.


 Mystical Amplification - Active

Amplify Magic Power
Max Level: 10
Type: Supportive
SP Cost: 10 + 4*SkillLV
Target: Self
Cast Time: 0.7 sec, not reducible by DEX
Cool Down: None
Duration: First follow up spell during the next 30 sec
Effect: This skill amplifies the spell damage by boosting your MATK for the first spell (yes, only one spell) following this skill. The bonus is 5% per SkillLV.
[LV 1] MATK +5%
[LV 2] MATK +10%
[LV 3] MATK +15%
[LV 4] MATK +20%
[LV 5] MATK +25%
[LV 6] MATK +30%
[LV 7] MATK +35%
[LV 8] MATK +40%
[LV 9] MATK +45%
[LV 10] MATK +50%


 Napalm Vulcan - Active

Requirements: Napalm Beat
Napalm Vulcan
Max Level: 5
Type: Offensive
SP Cost: 15*SkillLV - 5
Target: Enemy
Range: 9 cells
Area: 3x3 cells
Cast Time: 0.7 sec
Cool Down: None
Duration: Instant
Effect: Strong telekinetic spell. Hits every Enemy in a 3x3 area around the target for SkillLV times.
The damage per hit is spread equally among the affected targets like the mage spell Napalm Beat (e.g. if there are 4 targets, each one would be hit for 1/4). It has a chance of (5*SkillLV)% to cause Curse on each target.
The damage for one target is 1*MATK per hit.


 Ganbantein - Active

Requirements: Sense , Ice Wall
Max Level: 1
Type: Active
SP Cost: 40
Target: 3x3 Area
Range: 9 cells
Cast Time: 3 sec
Cool Down: 5 sec
Catalyst: 1 Blue Gemstone , 1 Yellow Gemstone .
Effect: Casts a spell that cancels all ground-targeted spells within the area. If casted upon Land Protector, it will cancel that spell within its area, but the rest of Land Protector will still be in effect.
This skill is not affected by skills or cards that remove gemstone casting requirements. Success chance is 80% and it will still consume a Gemstone if it fails.


 Gravitation Field - Active

Requirements: Stave Crasher , Mystical Amplification, Quagmire
Gravitation Field
Max Level: 5
Type: Offensive
SP Cost: 20*SkillLV
Target: 5x5 Area
Range: 9 cells
Cast Time: 5 sec
Cool Down: 2 sec
Duration: 4 + SkillLV sec
Catalyst: 1 Blue Gemstone
Effect: Greatly increases the force of gravity, reducing enemy ASPD while also dealing DEF-ignoring damage every second.
The great difficulty of this skill prevents you from doing anything else while casting, including using items. When is active, the caster becomes immobile and cannot attack or use skills.
The ASPD reduction is 5% per SkillLV. The movement and ASPD reduction does not affect Boss monsters, but you will still deal the DEF-ignoring damage. Requires 1 Blue Gemstone
[LV 1] 400 Dmg/Sec | -5% ASPD | 5 sec | 20 SP
[LV 2] 600 Dmg/Sec | -10% ASPD | 6 sec | 40 SP
[LV 3] 800 Dmg/Sec | -15% ASPD | 7 sec | 60 SP
[LV 4] 1000 Dmg/Sec | -20% ASPD | 8 sec | 80 SP
[LV 5] 1200 Dmg/Sec | -25% ASPD | 9 sec | 100 SP

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