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 Vulcan Arrow - Active

Requirements: Arrow Shower , Melody Strike
Arrow Vulcan
Max Level: 10
Type: Offensive
SP Cost: 10 + 2*SkillLV
Target: Enemy
Cast Time: 1.8 + 0.2*SkillLV sec
Cool Down: LV 1-5 0.8 sec, LV 6-10 1 sec
Effect: Attack a single target with a massive amount of 9 arrows. Musical instrument or whip (currently in IRO only 1 arrow is required to use this skill).
[LV 1] ATK 300%
[LV 2] ATK 400%
[LV 3] ATK 500%
[LV 4] ATK 600%
[LV 5] ATK 700%
[LV 6] ATK 800%
[LV 7] ATK 900%
[LV 8] ATK 1000%
[LV 9] ATK 1100%
[LV 10] ATK 1200%


 Sheltering Bliss - Active

Requirements: Improve Concentration , Music Lessons
Moonlit Water Mill
Max Level: 5
Type: Ensemble
SP Cost: 20 + 10*SkillLV
Upkeep SP Cost: 4*SkillLV SP every 10 sec
Target: Self
Area: 9x9 cells
Cast Time: Instant
Cool Down: None
Duration: 15 + 5*SkillLV sec
Effect: This skill creates a 9x9 cell around the users that no one can enter. It just prevents entry pushing enemies back, so you can still be hit by ranged attacks or magic.
Does NOT WORK during Guild Siege. Can not be canceled by Dispell.
[LV 1] 20 Sec Duration | 30 SP, 5 SP every 10 sec
[LV 2] 25 Sec Duration | 40 SP, 6 SP every 10 sec
[LV 3] 30 Sec Duration | 50 SP, 7 SP every 10 sec
[LV 4] 35 Sec Duration | 60 SP, 8 SP every 10 sec
[LV 5] 40 Sec Duration | 70 SP, 9 SP every 10 sec


 Marionette Control - Active

Requirements: Improve Concentration , Music Lessons
Marionette Control
Max Level: 1
Type: Supportive
SP Cost: 100
Target: Party Member
Range: 7 cells
Cast Time: Instant
Cool Down: None
Duration: 300
Effect: Target a party member with this skill, and half of your stats will be given to that character as a bonus points (like 10+60 DEX).
Your target can not exceed the maximum of 99 stat points. The target must remain within a 7 cell radius, or the skill cancels out.
The caster is free to do whatever he/she wants while the stats are halved (but can't use skills). If the skill is canceled, the Clown or Gypsy gets his/her stats back.
Multiple Marionette Controls do not stack. Clowns cannot cast it on another Clown/Bard, and Gypsies cannot cast it on another Gypsy/Dancer.
While this skill is in effect, caster will lose 1000 max HP.


 Longing for Freedom - Active

Requirements: Music Lessons , Marionette Control
Longing for Freedom
Max Level: 5
Type: Active
SP Cost: 15
Upkeep SP Cost: 3 SP every 3 sec (instead of 1 SP every 3 second normally taken when using a duet skill)
Target: Self
Cast Time: Instant
Cool Down: None
Effect: Allows the user to move within the ensemble area during the use of an ensemble skill. This skill only affects the caster, so the partner must cast this skill on his or her own in order to move.
The ensemble skill will be fixed to the area which it was casted, but if either partner moves out of the ensemble area, cancels the ensemble, or dies, the ensemble skill as well as Longing for Freedom will be canceled.
The caster is allowed to move, attack, and use skills, but you cannot use other singing or ensemble skills. Longing for Freedom will not work within a Moonlit Water Mill.
Can not be canceled by Dispell.
[LV 1] 60% original Movement/ASPD
[LV 2] 70% original Movement/ASPD
[LV 3] 80% original Movement/ASPD
[LV 4] 90% original Movement/ASPD
[LV 5] 100% original Movement/ASPD


 Wand of Hermode - Active

Requirements: Improve Concentration , Music Lessons
Wand of Hermode
Max Level: 5
Type: Active
SP Cost: 10 + 10*SkillLV sec
Target: Self
Area: 7x7 cells
Cast Time: Instant
Cool Down: None
Duration: 5 + 5*SkillLV sec
Effect: All allies within the skills area of effect (AoE) will have their buffs removed (except Berserk), but they will become invulnerable to magic as long as they stay in the AoE.
No other skills can be used within the AoE. Requires a map warp point within the AoE and only works in WoE. The Caster is not affected by the song. Can not be canceled by Dispell.
[LV 1] 10 Sec Duration | 20 SP
[LV 2] 15 Sec Duration | 30 SP
[LV 3] 20 Sec Duration | 40 SP
[LV 4] 25 Sec Duration | 50 SP
[LV 5] 30 Sec Duration | 60 SP


 Tarot Card of Fate - Active

Requirements: Improve Concentration , Unchained Serenade
Tarot Card of Fate
Max Level: 5
Type: Active
SP Cost: 40
Target: 1 Enemy
Cast Time: 1 sec
Cool Down: 3 sec
Effect: Draw a Tarot card to foresee fate. There are 14 different cards, and the success rate depends on the skill level.
[LV 1] 8% Success Rate
[LV 2] 16% Success Rate
[LV 3] 24% Success Rate
[LV 4] 32% Success Rate
[LV 5] 40% Success Rate
The Tarot Cards:
The Fool: Mental disease. Beginning.
-Enemy's SP reduced to 0. Right Side.
The Magician: Taking action. Awareness.
-Reduces enemy MATK by half for 30 seconds. Opposite Side.
The High Priest: Withdrawal. Mystery.
-Removes all buffs. Opposite Side.
The Chariot: Victory. Hard control.
-Deals 1000 DEF-ignoring damage. Randomly destroys one piece of armor. Opposite Side.
Strength: Misled strength. Loss of confidence. Destruction of the nation.
-Reduces enemy ATK by half for 30 seconds. Opposite Side.
The Lovers: Farewell. Discovered cheating on someone.
-Randomly teleports the target (on maps that allow teleport) and heals the caster for 2000 HP. Opposite Side.
Wheel of Fortune: Destiny. Turning point. Movement.
-Randomly causes the effects of two other Tarot cards. Opposite Side.
The Hanged Man: Letting go. Giving up. Sacrifice.
-Stun, Frozen, or Stone Curse regardless of anything else. Opposite Side.
Death: Ending. Bad luck. Unexpected catastrophe. Difficulty.
-Receive Curse, Coma, Poison, all at once. Right Side.
Temperance: Impossible to control. Tiredness. Stubborn. Vanity.
-Causes Confusion for 30 seconds. Opposite Side.
The Devil: Obsession. Danger of sickness. Inevitable curse. Hopelessness.
-Deals DEF-ignoring 6666 damage, halves ATK and MATK for 30 seconds, and causes Curse. Right Side.
The Tower: Accidents. Loss of command. Failure. Sudden changes. Loss of judgment.
-Deals DEF-ignoring 4444 damage. Right Side.
The Star: Destruction of hope. Sad future. Chaos.
-Causes Stun for 5 seconds. Opposite Side.
The Sun: Destruction of the land. Dissatisfaction. Chaos.
-Reduces ATK, MATK, HIT, Flee Rate, and DEF by 20% for 30 seconds. Opposite Side.

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