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 Fire Pillar - Active

Requirements: Fire Wall
Fire Pillar
Max Level: 10
Type: Active, Trap
SP Cost: 75
Target: 1 cell
Area: 3x3 cells
Range: 9 cells
Cast Time: 3.3-0.3*SkillLV sec
Cool Down: 1 second
Duration: 30 sec or until tripped
Catalyst: 1 Blue Gemstone for LV 6-10
Effect: Creates a Fire Pillar trap effect on the targeted cell. Tripped when any monster (or player in a PvP area) walks over it. When tripped, the trap delivers Fire property damage equal to (50+MATK/5)*(2+SkillLV) on a 3x3 area around the tripped cell.
This damage ignores MDEF and INT. While the target is taking damage from Fire Pillar, it will not be able to move until all the hits have been dealt (0.2*Hits sec). You can not have more than 5 Pillars active at any time.
[LV 1] 3 Hits / no Gemstone
[LV 2] 4 Hits / no Gemstone
[LV 3] 5 Hits / no Gemstone
[LV 4] 6 Hits / no Gemstone
[LV 5] 7 Hits / no Gemstone
[LV 6] 8 Hits / Blue Gemstone
[LV 7] 9 Hits / Blue Gemstone
[LV 8] 10 Hits / Blue Gemstone
[LV 9] 11 Hits / Blue Gemstone
[LV 10] 12 Hits / Blue Gemstone


 Sightrasher - Active

Requirements: Lightning Bolt , Sight
Max Level: 10
Type: Offensive, Combo
SP Cost: 33 + 2*SkillLV
Target: Self
Area: 7x7 cells
ATK Type: Fire
Cast Time: 0.5 sec, not reducible by DEX
Cool Down: 2 sec
Duration: Instant
Effect: Can only be cast when Sight is active. Shoots fire in all 8 directions away from the caster, each Fireball does (100+20*SkillLV)% MATK and pushes the target back.
[LV 1] 120% MATK
[LV 2] 140% MATK
[LV 3] 160% MATK
[LV 4] 180% MATK
[LV 5] 200% MATK
[LV 6] 220% MATK
[LV 7] 240% MATK
[LV 8] 260% MATK
[LV 9] 280% MATK
[LV 10] 300% MATK


 Meteor Storm - Active

Requirements: Sightrasher , Thunderstorm
Meteor Storm
Max Level: 10
Type: Offensive
SP Cost: See below
Target: Area 7x7
Range: 9 cells
Cast Time: 15 sec
Cool Down: 2 + 0.5*SkillLV sec
Duration: Instant
Effect: Summons Meteors that randomly strike cells in the target area and do Fire Element damage in the 7x7 area they impact for each hit and have a (3*SkillLV)% chance to stun the target.
[LV 1] 2 Meteor 1 Hit Each 3% StunChance, SP 20
[LV 2] 3 Meteor 1 Hit Each 6% StunChance, SP 24
[LV 3] 3 Meteors 2 Hit Each 9% StunChance, SP 30
[LV 4] 4 Meteors 2 Hit Each 12% StunChance, SP 34
[LV 5] 4 Meteors 3 Hit Each 15% StunChance, SP 40
[LV 6] 5 Meteors 3 Hit Each 18% StunChance, SP 44
[LV 7] 5 Meteors 4 Hit Each 21% StunChance, SP 50
[LV 8] 6 Meteors 4 Hit Each 24% StunChance, SP 54
[LV 9] 6 Meteors 5 Hit Each 27% StunChance, SP 60
[LV 10] 7 Meteors 5 Hit Each 30% StunChance, SP 64


 Jupitel Thunder - Active

Requirements: Napalm Beat , Lightning Bolt
Jupitel Thunder
Max Level: 10
Type: Offensive
SP Cost: 17 + 3*SkillLV
Target: Enemy
Range: 9 cells
Cast Time: 2 + 0.5*SkillLV sec
Cool Down: None
Duration: Instant
Effect: Hits the target for 2+SkillLV times using Wind Element and pushes it back the same number of cells up to a maximum of 8. Improved Lightning Bolt spell.
[LV 1] 3 Hits / 2.5 sec Cast Time
[LV 2] 4 Hits / 3.0 sec Cast Time
[LV 3] 5 Hits / 3.5 sec Cast Time
[LV 4] 6 Hits / 2.5 sec Cast Time
[LV 5] 7 Hits / 4.5 sec Cast Time
[LV 6] 8 Hits / 5.0 sec Cast Time
[LV 7] 9 Hits / 5.5 sec Cast Time
[LV 8] 10 Hits / 6.0 sec Cast Time
[LV 9] 11 Hits / 6.5 sec Cast Time
[LV 10] 12 Hits / 7.0 sec Cast Time


 Lord of Vermilion - Active

Requirements: Thunderstorm , Jupitel Thunder
Lord of Vermillion
Max Level: 10
Type: Offensive
SP Cost: 56 + 4*SkillLV
Target: Area 7x7
Range: 9 cells
Cast Time: 15.55 - 0.5*SkillLV sec
Cool Down: 5 sec
Duration: Instant
Effect: Hits the target area with a strong lightning attack that does 4 sets of hits with 10 hits each set (total 40 hits) and each hit doing (8+(2*SkillLV))% MATK damage. It also has a (4*SkillLV)% chance to blind the targets.
[LV 1] 4% BlindChance, 10% MATK/Bolt
[LV 2] 8% BlindChance, 12% MATK/Bolt
[LV 3] 12% BlindChance, 14% MATK/Bolt
[LV 4] 16% BlindChance, 16% MATK/Bolt
[LV 5] 20% BlindChance, 18% MATK/Bolt
[LV 6] 24% BlindChance, 20% MATK/Bolt
[LV 7] 28% BlindChance, 22% MATK/Bolt
[LV 8] 32% BlindChance, 24% MATK/Bolt
[LV 9] 36% BlindChance, 26% MATK/Bolt
[LV 10] 40% BlindChance, 28% MATK/Bolt


 Water Ball - Active

Requirements: Cold Bolt , Lightning Bolt
Water Ball
Max Level: 5
Type: Offensive
SP Cost: 15 + 5*(SkillLV/2 rounded down)
Target: Enemy
Range: 9 cells
Cast Time: SkillLV sec
Cool Down: None
Duration: Instant
Effect: Hits the target up to LV*LV-1 times with a Water elemental attack of (100+30*SkillLV)% MATK. You must stand on water or on a Deluge (Sage skill) cell to successfully use this spell.
The damage for each hit is calculated individually and the damage numbers do not show as adding up, also casting Lex Aeterna (Priest Skill) on the target will only affect the first hit.
This is the strongest single target spell in-game. The number of water balls that you are actually able cast also depends on the amount of water you are standing in.
In any given X by X grid, the game determines that you are surrounded by (X*X)-1 cells. So, at level 4/5 Waterball, you can cast up to (5*5)-1, or 24 water balls.
However, if you're only standing in a 3x3 pool, you will only cast 8 water balls. If you're standing in a freaky grid (like a partially-used Deluge), the number of balls cast is equal to the number of water-occupied cells in your grid, so if you're in a cell like this:
O = empty
X = water
* = player
...you'll only cast 4 water balls with level 4/5. With level 2/3, you'll only cast 2 water balls, since only 2 are in the 3x3 grid surrounding you.
This is particularly useful to keep in mind when you're with a Deluge Sage, since Waterball uses up the Deluge cells.
You can determine which cells are used by how you stand in the cast area (every cast will wipe out the respective grid section around you, centered on you), and maximize the effectiveness of the water ball spells you cast.
[LV 1] 1 Waterball / 1x1 Grid, 130% MATK
[LV 2] 3 Waterball / 3x3 Grid, 160% MATK
[LV 3] 8 Waterball / 3x3 Grid, 190% MATK
[LV 4] 15 Waterball / 5x5 Grid, 220% MATK
[LV 5] 24 Waterball / 5x5 Grid, 250% MATK


 Ice Wall - Active

Requirements: Stone Curse , Frost Diver
Ice Wall
Max Level: 10
Type: Active
SP Cost: 20
Target: 1 cell
Range: 9 cells
Cast Time: Instant
Cool Down: None
Duration: 4 + 4*SkillLV sec or until broken
Effect: Creates a row of 5 Ice Wall cells perpendicular to the line between the caster and the target cell and centered on the target cell.
An Ice Wall cell cannot be entered, but it may be attacked. Ice Wall cells have 200+200*SkillLV HP that lowers at a rate of 50 per second until it reaches 0 and then the wall disappears.
If the wall is attacked the HP also lower by the damage dealt to the wall. You can not have more than 5 Ice Walls active at the same time.
[LV 1] 400 HP / 8 sec
[LV 2] 600 HP / 12 sec
[LV 3] 800 HP / 16 sec
[LV 4] 1000 HP / 20 sec
[LV 5] 1200 HP / 24 sec
[LV 6] 1400 HP / 28 sec
[LV 7] 1600 HP / 32 sec
[LV 8] 1800 HP / 36 sec
[LV 9] 2000 HP / 40 sec
[LV 10] 2200 HP / 44 sec


 Frost Nova - Active

Requirements: Ice Wall
Frost Nova
Max Level: 10
Type: Offensive
SP Cost: 47 - 2*SkillLV
Target: Self
Area: 5x5 cells
Cast Time: 6 - 0.5*(SkillLV/2 rounded down) sec
Cool Down: 1 sec
Duration: Instant, frozen status 1.5*SkillLV sec
Effect: Hits every enemy in a 5x5 area around the Caster with a Water Element frost attack. The freeze chance is higher than of Frost Diver (33+5*SkillLV %).
The magic damage to each target is 66+7*SkillLV %, but if a monster is frozen it won't receive damage. The caster is of course immune to his/her own Frost Nova.
[LV 1] 6.0 Seconds Cast Time
[LV 2] 6.0 Seconds Cast Time
[LV 3] 5.5 Seconds Cast Time
[LV 4] 5.5 Seconds Cast Time
[LV 5] 5 Seconds Cast Time
[LV 6] 5 Seconds Cast Time
[LV 7] 4.5 Seconds Cast Time
[LV 8] 4.5 Seconds Cast Time
[LV 9] 4 Seconds Cast Time
[LV 10] 4 Seconds Cast Time


 Storm Gust - Active

Requirements: Frost Diver , Jupitel Thunder
Storm Gust
Max Level: 10
Type: Offensive
SP Cost: 78
Target: Area 9x9
Range: 9 cells
Cast Time: 5 + SkillLV sec
Cool Down: 5 sec
Duration: 5 sec
Effect: Summons an icy Water Element storm that hits targets in the area of effect every 0.5 seconds (for damage per hit see below) and pushes them around randomly.
Monsters hit 3 times will freeze and not receive further hits, except undead and MVP which won't be frozen and thus will receive more hits. The maximum number of possible hits is 10.
Damage per hit is (100+40*SkillLV)% MATK
[LV 1] 140% MATK / 6 sec Cast Time
[LV 2] 180% MATK / 7 sec Cast Time
[LV 3] 220% MATK / 8 sec Cast Time
[LV 4] 260% MATK / 9 sec Cast Time
[LV 5] 300% MATK / 10 sec Cast Time
[LV 6] 340% MATK / 11 sec Cast Time
[LV 7] 380% MATK / 12 sec Cast Time
[LV 8] 420% MATK / 13 sec Cast Time
[LV 9] 460% MATK / 14 sec Cast Time
[LV 10] 500% MATK / 15 sec Cast Time


 Earth Spike - Active

Requirements: Stone Curse
Earth Spike
Max Level: 5
Type: Offensive, Level Selectable
SP Cost: 10 + 2*SkillLV
Target: 1 Enemy
Range: 9 cells
Cast Time: 0.7*SkillLV sec
Cool Down: 0.8 sec
Duration: Instant
Effect: Hits the targeted enemy with 1 Earth Element Spike per SkillLV for 100%*MATK damage each. Technically this is a normal Bolt-type spell using the Earth element.


 Heaven's Drive - Active

Requirements: Earth Spike
Heaven's Drive
Max Level: 5
Type: Offensive
SP Cost: 24 + 4*SkillLV
Target: 1 cell
Range: 9 cells
ATK Type: Earth property, Long Range, Area, Magic attack
Cast Time: 1*SkillLV sec
Cool Down: 1 sec
Duration: Instant
Effect: Hits every enemy in a 5x5 cell area around the target cell with 1 Spike per SkillLV for 1*MATK damage each.


 Quagmire - Active

Requirements: Heaven's Drive
Max Level: 5
Type: Active
SP Cost: 5*SkillLV
Target: Area 5x5
Range: 9 cells
Cast Time: Instant
Cool Down: 1 sec
Duration: 5*SkillLV sec
Effect: Decreases the AGI and DEX of the Enemies within the area of effect by 10% per SkillLV. In PvP maps is only 5% per SkillLV. Does not work against Boss monsters.


 Sense - Active

Monster Property
Max Level: 1
Type: Active
SP Cost: 10
Target: 1 monster
Range: 9 cells
Cast Time: Instant
Cool Down: None
Duration: Until status window is closed.
Effect: Brings up a window with information about the targeted monster such as HP, element, level, etc at the time the spell is cast. Party members also see this window.


 Sight Blaster - Active

Sight Blaster
Max Level: 1
Type: Active
SP Cost: 40
Target: Self
Area: Unknown (cells around the caster?)
Cast Time: Unknown
Cool Down: Unknown
Duration: 120 sec
Effect: Summons a fireball that circles around you and hits enemies attempting to attack you at close range.
When an enemy steps next to you, he will be hit by a MATK Fire Element attack and pushed back. The Fireball disappears after hitting an enemy.

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